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New Kids…

June 24, 2006
We constantly have change over in kids at CSC.  Most of our kids leave for adoption, which is an answer to many peoples prayers (the kids, ours and the  adoptive parents for the most part.) Some of our kids return to birth families; which in a perfect world would be a good thing too…but not always the case here.  We will be losing one of our little guys in a week or so, he is going back to a less than perfect situation. But his Birth Mom does want him back, so we will cooperate with that.  Keeping a good relationship with the birth parents of our kids is very important, we want them to feel like they can be honest with us and will feel free   to  ask for help when needed,  even once the kids are back with them. Oh my.  We do have to make some tough decisions regarding our kids at times! We need prayer for wisdom in these decisions.  
We have added two new kids recently.  Kyle is two,  he is in good shape.  He is not talking much yet but has lost that  "look of fear" that he came with already. Arnel just came  yesterday, he is seven.  He has pretty much been on his own for a couple of  months, but  I doubt there was much control in his life for quite some time before that.  He is bouncing off the walls at the Cherne Home now.  He thinks that he is in the most wonderful place in the world…except for one thing.  RULES.   Our Social Worker, Cris, our Nurse, Warlita,  our CSC Returnee,  Pedro and I went to check out Arnel’s situation yesterday.  He has some concerns in his behavior that could prove very problematic for us, but we could not leave him in the situation that he was in.  Besides,  he is very friendly and was so anxious to get in our vehicle and GO WITH US,  I don’t think we would have gotten out of there without him no matter what our decision was!  Now,  we have to break the news to the teachers that they will be getting Arnel when school starts on monday. HA.  He has never been to school,  or in any situation with rules and expectations really. 
Next week lots of happenings too!   First day of school on monday, always a fun day. Our kids love school – at least the majority do.  Also some traveling to Manila is planned.  Monica and Rose, our darling  almost 14 month old twins  get to go to Manila for their visa  medical appointment for adoption  (so they could be leaving soon)  Ruth Ohlendorf will bring them  along with one of our CSC Aunties.  I will be bringing our three kids (Jenalyn, Victor and James Francis)  who will be going to Montana for the summer.  They have to appear for their visa appointments at the USA Embassy in Manila as well. We hope they will be able to fly to Montana on July 4th.   Paul will be Manila also, he will be working on paperwork for  matching two of our babies. Lots of comings and goings!  And this is just a normal week really……
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