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KID of the WEEK June 25, 2006

June 25, 2006
Lynette will be four years old in October.  She has lived at CSC for more than two years.   Lynette and her little brother Tyler are matched and accepted to be adopted by a USA family,  hopefully they will be able to join their new parents this summer.  Lynette is bright, but OH SO STUBBORN!  She is going to start pre-school tomorrow, she is quite excited and proud of that fact. Lynette is changing and maturing fast these days,  she was actuallly very friendly and interactive with some of the USA teens who were here with us last week.  She has been asking to go on an outing so I brought her with me for lunch and some shopping the other day, we had a great time!  Lynette does not always appreciate having her picture evidenced by the photo.   Lynette has an amazing vocabulary for her age. She learns quickly.  She is very shy in new situations but her curiousity is slowly causing her be more interactive. Lynette has amazing potential!  We  are proud to have been a part of her life and look forward to hearing about all the accomplishments that we know she will achieve in the future.
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