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Some people don’t have fingerprints!

June 30, 2006
Tuesday and Wednesday I went to Manila with our three kids (Victor, Jenalyn and James Francis)  who are going to go to Montana for a month this summer. It was quite the experience.  We met up with 23 other kids who will be going to Montana, Massachusetts and Louisiania.  Picture this….26  kids sitting for 7 hours;  sitting on hard benches, having to be quiet, nothing to do but wait,  no games or toys allowed, armed guards walking around….We were at the USA EMBASSY.   You can’t bring anything into that building these days, not even a snack.  We had some paperwork snafu’s of course.  But we got through those and were thinking we were going to make it when 14 year old Victor went up to have his private interview. All went well until Victor was asked to to place his finger in the little "finger print reader" machine they have.  Victor has no fingerprint on his pointer finger on one hand!  He has had lots of skin concerns over the years,  his hands were dry and fingers were slightly swollen, but we never thought of a problem of NO fingerprints!  Sadly,  Victor was denied a Visa to go on trip because he did not  have a fingerprint to have recorded in the USA Data Base!  The ICAB social workers and myself quickly had a little meeting and decided that we could not let this go this easy…it was not fair! We found a willing and helpful US counsel and asked him for a second reading in a few days.  We were hoping that if we lotioned Victor up and got some medicine,  that we could bring down the slight swelling that was there and some fingerprints would magically appear.  After an hour of talking to one "higher up" after another at the Embassy to get permission for another opportunity to register a fingerprint  (and of course us talking to our personal one and only "higher up")  the news came back down the line to us…Victor could not legally be denied a Visa simply because he had no fingerprints if there was a medical explanation for the lack of fingerprints!  The good old USA LOGIC comes though in the end!!   Victor’s Visa was  "un-denied" ,  and he will be able to travel with the group to Montana!  Praise the Lord and Thanks to the helpful people at the USA Embassy in Manila!  So…I think that we need to rewrite some science books, some people don’t have fingerprints!
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