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KID of the WEEK July 2, 2006

July 2, 2006
Pedro is a CSC KID,  even though he was adopted 17 years ago.   He has a wonderful  Mom, Dad and sister whom he loves and who love him. His long time dream of returning to the Philippines has happened,  he just spent 5 weeks here with us. Pedro fit right back in here like he had never left,  whereas before he was one of the little kids,  this time he was the big brother that all our present kids looked up to.  Pedro learned all the things that all good Filipino’s need to know;  riding a jeepney,  eating balot, no hot water, Jollybee,  always being hot and sweaty, never being alone….he did it all, and he did it with a smile.  He is proud and happy to have found some of his Filipino heritage that he had been searching for.  We are proud of the small part that we played in Pedro’s life – he is a great young adult!  He is back home now and will be starting his junior year in college in the fall.  
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