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MORE new kids

July 4, 2006
Today we met some kids who really need CSC.  
We received a call about a family of four kids.  Their mom died a few years ago, their dad is having trouble caring for them, especially now that the oldest of the four is very ill with respiratory problems. There are a couple of older siblings also, but they will stay with their dad.   We found their little shack in a town about 45 minutes south of Cebu City.  There was nothing in that dirt floored house but a couple of broken beds, cats,  and a puppy.   Only three of the kids were home;  dad was working at a neighbors farm.  We quickly saw that the oldest boy,  KimKim, age 12,  was quite ill,  very thin and weak with a horrid cough.  His two younger sisters were nearby,  they have skin and eye infections,  they are ages 6 and 8.  There is a 10 year old brother that was to come with us, but no one could find him at the time we were there.  KimKim needed to get to a doctor,  so we found their  Dad and brought him and the three kids to Cebu City to  get them  started on  medical treatment.  On the way to the city both  KimKim and his Dad were coughing so hard they were almost choking,  it was hard to hear.  It is so sad that people so close to us can get so sick and not have anywhere to turn to try to get some help. I am sure there are other kids out there that need help too… I am so glad  that we have the capability to take these kids in.  We have no idea how serious Kim Kim’s illness is,  the 10 year old brother is still missing and the girls will need lots of help too.  We will work with their Dad too and find out if the two oldest siblings are really doing okay. These kids have not been in school much, if at all.  They seem like very nice kids, neighbors tell us they are good kids too.  I cannot imagine the situation that this father is in,  he obviously has a good relationship with his kids,  but he knows that he cannot care for them.  His health is not good.  Life is not fair.  I have included a photo of this little family in the back of our vehicle a short time ago.  As I write this they are at the doctor and having x-rays taken. I hope to have a good report on their health and that we have found the 10 year old brother soon.  I am quite sure that the 10 year old brother will be with us by tomorrow,  social workers in the area will look for him and our social worker will check on him in the morning too.  Dad will be back there soon too.  I am sure that CSC, with all of our supporters, saved at least one life today.  
UPDATE  7/5/06    The three kids are in isolation, they are very sick kids.  I am sure that they will be in ISO for quite some time yet.  The 10 year old brother is back home again,  he was fearful to come with our social worker by himself today,  so the Father agreed to bring him to CSC tomorrow or the next day.  It will be nice to have all the siblings together.  I am sure that they will  feel more relaxed and confident if they are all together too.  We have discovered that there is a strong possibility of some significant abuse with at least one of the little girls.  We are so happy that we were able to get these kids when we did,  with the problems they have both medically and emotionally,  every day and hour that healing can begin  will be that much closer to them being able to look toward a new and bright future.  It will be a long road of healing for these kids, but we are committed to making that happen.
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