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The family is complete

July 7, 2006
Our sibling group of four is finally FOUR.  Ten year old Ardian arrived this morning.  It was a  very happy reunion for all of the kids. What a joy it is to see these kids gaining strength each day.  When they arrived on July 4th Kim could not even get dressed himself,  nor did he have the strength to push the lever down to flush the toilet. Today was the first day that he totally dressed himself, he has been sitting up in a chair much of the day, not laying down as he has been.  The girls are little balls of energy too.  All of them tire very easily and have been taking cat naps frequently, but they are improving quickly. All are on antibiotics for respiratory problems.  Ardian seems to be fairly healthy despite some skin concerns and a case of scabbies too. We are not sure how long they will have to stay in Isolation,  they will need to be there until our medical team considers them non-contagious.  These kids are so anxious to get outside to play with all the things they see in our yard and with all the kids that keep talking to them through the windows.  But…their biggest desire is to go out to eat at JOLLY BEE!  (the Filipino McDonalds).  I will make sure that happens ASAP!  These kids will require lots of help once they are out of Isolation.  None have been to school much at all,  poor Kim is 12 years old and will have to start at the lowest level of our school.  There are abuse and trust issues that we will be dealing with them with for quite some time I know.  What a blessing it is that we have both Inday and Victor to help us in counseling our kids and helping the kids to work through issues like this.  Kids can heal much easier and more complelely if these things are dealt with as early as possible.  All of our kids love to go to Counseling.  We are happy that we finally got this family back together!
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