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July 13, 2006
Communication is a wonderful thing.  When I came here 27 years ago I would write a letter to my family or friends, they would receive it 2 weeks later,  take a few days to write back and then two more weeks and I would have the answer to my questions. One month!  Today I have "talked" with my sister and my niece in real time  via Instant Messaging twice already.  I can sit down at my computer and write someone a message..and have an answer back as soon as they wake up in the morning – or I wake up in the morning!  Most people I write to are 13 hours behind us.  There has been lots of communicating going on today; I received a letter from a young lady who was adopted long ago,  she is just learning about her past and wanted to connect with CSC again.  What a joy to receive that letter.  She is happy that she was adopted and realizes that her birth family made the best choice for her.  I received an e-mail from a supporting church asking for more contact from me,  a good reminder for me to use the communication channels that I have now.  I downloaded photos of some darling CSC kids that left CSC a few months ago with their very  happy adoptive family.  I heard that my brother is coming for Christmas again! I was able to touch bases with one of the families in Montana that 3 of our kids are visiting. I learned of  some of the antics of my 22 grand nieces and nephews. I love having the ability to be a part of someone’s life that is thousands of miles away, and that I can let people know what is happening in my day too!  It is a small world indeed..and I am happy it is.
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  1. Sendy permalink
    July 14, 2006 12:38 am

    This is great to read!  I\’m happy for you that you will be able to see family during the holidays.  The ways of communicating that we have today are truly a blessing!

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