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If they can’t go……

July 14, 2006
If they can’t go…we have to bring it to them. 
     Our four newest kids have been in Isolation for 10 days now. They have been planning and waiting to go to JOLLI BEE (the Philippines "McDonalds") since  their arrival.  They will have to be Isolated for quite some time yet, so the other day Teacher Amy brought a Jolli Bee meal to them and today I did.  They were so happy and excited….the simple pleasures are the best I guess.  These kids have changed so much in the last 10 days! They are very anxious to get out of Isolation so that they can make friends with all the other kids that they can see through the windows. Kim, Ardian, Adelyn and Janice do go outside to play in the playground when the other kids are in school. Today  we sat at the picnic tables and ate and talked for well over an hour.  They are full of questions.   We had to talk about each person that walked by..who are they, what do they do?.  We talked about their birth Dad,  whom they miss. We talked about school..they are so anxious to go to school! Teacher Tammy needs to bring back their "school work notebook"  they told me!  They are convinced that I am "dato kaayo" –  very rich,  because I had the money to buy them plenty of Jollibee food and I have a vehicle to drive…that makes me very rich in their eyes. These kids only experience with Jolli Bee previously had been when they were begging for left-over food as people left the restaurant. They didn’t have a pair of shoes of their own…still don’t actually,  but we will go shoe shopping as soon as they can leave isolation – something else they are very excited about.   They think that they have come to a wonderful place – we can provide them with Jolli Bee, shoes, clothes,  3 meals a day, a place to sleep that wind and rain can’t penetrate and a  fun place to play. These kids can’t even imagine a better place right now! Well…the rules are getting a little bothersome in their minds I know…but everything else is good!  
       Life is not fair…kids born into poverty have just as much  actual potential as kids born into wealthy families all over the world – but most of the time that potential is all but impossible to reach for the kids born into poverty.  I am happy that we can make a little difference in the world by proving that our kids can often reach amazing heights, if just given the opportunity.      
      I wish that kids in America (and Australia and Europe..etc) could see the joy that these four get from  the simple things that westernized kids simply take for granted.  What a blessing it is to see the joy that can be  so easily given! I wish I could share the joy I saw today with all of you reading this….but you will just have to take my word for it – and look at the photos!
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