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July 17, 2006
     Twenty three years ago this month we admitted a 7 month old baby to CSC. His name was Luke.  Luke arrived with severe brain damage, we were told by one person at the hospital where he spent his first 7 months that he had been pronounced dead at birth…but  then someone got his heart beating. Luke has a smile that lights up a room, but he has never uttered one word, nor has he taken one step or voluntarily moved any part of his body. He has has needed the same care given a  newborn baby all his life. This does not sound like the description of someone who would have much effect on his world..or someone who is loved and remembered by every visitor to CSC in the past 23 years..but it is the reality of Luke’s life.  He has taught us more than any of our other kids put together. He has taught us about the sanctity of life,  he has taught us that we don’t have to walk or talk to be loved and appreciated for who we are and what we have to offer. He has taught us that a smile is enough.
      But, his job is over.
      Luke went home to be with HIS Jesus this morning about 10:30.
He had been in the hospital for 9 days, suffering with pneumonia.  He had some good days and some bad days in the hospital, but our Luke has been near death many times,  and always came out with a smile,  so we expected that to happen again.  But it didn’t. He had a rather uncomfortable few hours during the night last night but then seemed to relax somewhat and spent his last few hours here on earth fairly peaceful. He went home to be with Jesus with many of his Aunties and Uncles at his bedside.
     We miss our Luke. He is an Institution at CSC,  now he is a Legend too.  He leaves a huge hole that no one can fill. But we are crying tears of joy for Luke too…he is running and talking and has met up with his best buddy Ronnie and his Uncle Ron and so many of our loved ones in Heaven. We are comforting ourselves with that thought.   But,  we will never forget what Luke taught us…a smile IS enough.
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