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ADULT/KID of the WEEK July 23, 2006

July 23, 2006
MARIA  is 29 years old.  She came to live at CSC in 1991 after a series of failed adoption attempts in the USA. For her to arrive back in the Philippines at the age of 14,  only speaking English (and a bit of Tagalog that she remembered from when she lived at an orphanage in Manila 3 years earlier) she did well.  She has moderate Cerebral Palsy which limits her physical abilities as well as  her cognitive and emotional processes.  Maria can be a joy,  and she can also be very difficult to deal with; these highs and lows can come in the same hour!   Maria is very social,  she claims half of the world as "her friend" I think !  If you have met Maria, you are forever "her friend" in her thoughts. We have tried  jobs outside of CSC for Maria but she does not seem to be capable of keeping a job long term. She "worked" at a Christian Bookstore for over a year but then decided that she just did not want to work anymore…so refused to go.  She now works 5 days a week at CSC,  she helps with the Pre-School class in the mornings and works at the Eicher home, helping with the little kids in the afternoons.  When Maria is happy she is great, she is fun loving and affectionate.  But, when she is not happy….she is very difficult to deal with.  She has given me two black eyes over the years.  She gets very angry very fast.   She has full blowm temper tantrums at times.  She is living at the Teen Home now.   When Maria first came we dealt with behavior concerns frequently.  Over the years her behavior has improved slightly I think,  she does not act out as often as she did, but when she does act out now it is to a  very major degree.  We need constant understanding and patience with Maria.  She knows that she has "lost out" on lots of things over her lifetime because of her behavior, but is not capable of fully understanding that her behavior is within her control. She has lots of anger inside her over both real and perceived injustices that have happened to her.  We will continue to work with Maria and continue to help her to deal with and understand her life. And..I will hope for no more black eyes!
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