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July 23, 2006
                As you know last week started off with our darling Luke dying  monday morning.   I can’t say that Luke’s death was shocking or even unexpected…he has been near death most of his life.  But it was so very emotional, missing him but at the same time thinking of his new life in Heaven.  The most difficult  time for me was going back to the houses and telling the other kids that Luke was gone.  They all knew he was in the hospital of course, but he spent a good percentage of his life there.  I got to the homes about 11:30, the kids were coming home from school for lunch at 11:45.   First I went to the Cherne Home, where Luke lived.  Obviously as soon as the kids saw me and the Houseparents they knew something was wrong,  it was obvious that we were sad about something. The kids were all so quiet, waiting to hear whatever we  had to tell them.  I am so proud of our kids!  They were all very sad of course and lots of tears were shed..but soon they were talking about what Luke was doing now in Heaven, who he was seeing, even who he was playging basketball with! Oh my…not much lunch got eaten that day but lots of hugs and tears were shared.  Then I went to the Eicher Home to tell them too, it is both refresing and heart breaking to experience death through the eyes of a child.  I am humbled by the attitude that some of our kids handled Lukes death with. Sometimes it is better to see things through the eyes of a child.
             And, that afternoon we needed to have our smiles on our faces because something wonderful was happening. It is a once in a lifetime event for a family to come to CSC  to pick up their adoptive children, and that was happening mid afternoon.  Monica and Rose’s  adoptive Mom and Great Aunt arrived and fell in love with Monica and Rose immediately of course (actually I am sure that had happened even before they got here)  What a range of  emotions we experienced in just a few hours!  Thankfully they were understanding of our situation and were happy just to spend time with their darling twin girls while we were still busy making plans and attending  Luke’s memorial services the next two nights and burial on wednesday. (F and N, We could have not asked for more understanding and supportive people being here during this time. Thank you..I know you will read this!) 
             Also monday afternoon had another event that we needed to celebrate,  Kim, Ardian, Adelyn and Janice got out of Isolation!  They were so excited and were literally running around the yard introducing themselves to the other kids and wanting to play everything at the same time,  they went to school for the first time on Tuesday morning.
            AND then…we were into the last few days of Paul, Marlys and Jenny’s time with us before they left for one year.  What a week.  Both our adoptive family and the Healys are flying across the Pacific as I write this.  They ended up on the same flight from Manila to Tokyo! 
           I am counting on a much more boring week this week.
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