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July 29, 2006
I just sent some photos of FIRST STEPS to some adoptive parents waiting to come here to get their 1 year old. We have the privelege of seeing so many kids first steps!  Lots of our kids are matched around their first birthdays,  the  adoptive parents can’t come for a few months after the match, so we get to see and hear lots of "firsts" that the parents  would love to be seeing and hearing.  I have had some serious talks with some of those toddlers. I tell them that their parents will be coming in a few days or a few weeks, that they should hold back on some milestone they are near to achieving..but they always go right ahead and achieve anyway!  We are honored to be a part of thier lives of course, and each childs individual achievements are celebrated.  Michaels first steps just last week were cheered for just as loudly as Roggie’s were back in 1980. All of this thought brought home the reality that CSC is really one big family.  We remember Mary Ann, our first child in 1979,  we are still in contact with her!  Mention any one of the almost 720 kids that we have had over the years and we remember something about each of them and lots about many of them.  When we go to the USA one of the biggest joys we have is seeing our CSC kids in their families. Paul and Marlys are there doing just that now! What an amazing job I have, a job that simply keeps adding family members.  Maybe we can win some record or something…biggest family ever! We’ve got to be way up there in the thousands now!
We also get to be the ones to send our kids off to college.  We have four in college this year. We are  and will always  be "home and family"  to these kids. We expect them to be bringing their families to celebrate holidays with us for years to come.   They are CSC KIDS who were not adopted, who will always live here in Cebu.  Well…hopefully not all of them actually.  Many of you know Kirk,  he is 18 years old and has lived with us since he was 10 years old.  Kirk was at the 2005 CSC Banquet in Minnesota. He is an exceptional young man.  God has blessed him.  But, the USA Embassy had no blessing for him this week.  He was denied a Student Visa.  He has been accepted at Northwestern College in Minnesota, he has a family willing to pay all expenses and all kinds of people waiting for him to visit. He even had room mates in the dorm all set up for this fall. But it won’t be happening. Not now anyway, we are already talking about reapplying for another US Embassy interview, and what to do and say a bit differently.  It is sad to think that the reason he was denied a Visa is because he has "no family" to return to here in the Philippines!  We are his family!  We don’t even count in their eyes.  He is being denied a dream because of a horrible time in his life..losing his birth family.  Life is not fair.  I used to think that was a horrid thing to say, but now that I have seen how the world really is..I am a firm believer.  LIFE IS NOT FAIR.   But, we are comforting Kirk and assuring him that we will try again and that,  hey,  we get to keep him here with us a little longer! 
We are also Grand parents!  Lots of our CSC KIDS are married with kids! What a joy that is.  I guess that we are not the  stereotypical parents…at the same time we are welcoming new born babies into our Eicher and Cherne home families we are also happy to see all of our CSC grandchildren and anxiously await the birth of more.  We even have a second generation CSC KID living with us now…his young teenage mom lived with us for a short time when she was a young child. She and her siblings returned to the care of their birth family.  She remembered her time with us and desired that for this darling little boy who she realizes that she cannot care for. He will be adopted. I am sure we don’t even know many of our grandchildren yet!
And, as we did a short time ago, sometimes we attend  the funerals of our kids.  That is family.  From birth to death.
I love my job..well, most of it anyway.
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