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KID of the WEEK JULY 30, 2006

July 30, 2006
Neil is 13 years old.  He has a twin sister named Angie, two younger brothers named Michael Angelo and Paul and a little sister named Crezillah.  Neil and his four siblings have been at CSC for three years now.  Neil is a great big brother (although it is Angie that keeps every one in line!)  Neil is a little shy, but has been gaining self confidence in recent months.  School is a bit difficult for him (both Angie and Michael Angelo are above him academicallyl) but he does well in Math and is making progress in Reading in the last few weeks.   Neil is a bit of a perfectionist in many areas, so sometimes is very hard on himself.  Neil is a good kid,  he seldom gets in trouble, the only thing we have to talk to him about is  some excess  murmuring and complaining at times. 
Last week he was playing a game of tag with about 20 of the other CSC kids.  He slipped on the wet grass and fell hard with his leg ending up under his body.  He broke one bone in his lower leg.  He has handled the resulting cast and crutches well.  Hopefully he will be able to get a below the knee cast in a few weeks and then a few weeks after that be able to walk again…he is already itching to finish the game of tag and get some soccer in too.
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