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How did it get to be Friday already?

August 4, 2006
 It has been a fairly calm week so not sure how it went so fast.   The kids are actually doing quite well, we have a little concern with a couple of the little ones and some bathroom behavior!  But that is normal, something that we do watch close though. The next two weeks we have adoptive families coming to claim some of our darlings.  We are so excited for the adoptive families to meet their new kids…but then they always want to bring the kids home with them!  And we have to say goodbye.  We actively work towards adoption for each of our kids, but then when it happens it is a very bittersweet time.  Adoption is a wonderful thing though.  And the process continues..we will be matching FOUR  more of our little ones in the next few weeks.
We are anxious for our Montana kids to come back…seems like they have been gone a year already!  It has only been just over 3 weeks. 
Today I was at the Mall when it opened (I DISLIKE THE MALL WHEN OTHER PEOPLE ARE THERE!)   My job was to buy FOURTEEN birthday gifts! I did pretty well…got  twelve and 3/4 done.   I enjoy buying the kids birthday gifts.  It is Arnel’s birthday on August 8th.  He will be seven years old and has never celebrated his birthday before!  He has only been with us  a few weeks so is still in awe of lots of things.  His birthday is the same day as Joemar, our 30 year old special needs adult/kid,  So we get to celebrate big time with two birthdays to celebrate.  It was so fun to buy gifts for Arnel because I know he will love everything!   We do celebrate each birthday on the actual day…so we are having birthday parties all the time!  We have 74 kids right now…thats lots of ICE CREAM AND CAKE!
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