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August 6, 2006
REY MARK will be 9 years old  next month.  He came to live at CSC in July of 2005.  He arrived with big brother Remir (13)  and little brother Raymund (7 next month). A month later his older sister Mary Joy (10) arrived at CSC too.  Rey Mark is bright and curious about all aspects of life.  He is very playful and loves sports of any kind,  he is  quite the little Jock to be honest.  He has a smile that seldom leaves his face,  even when he is in trouble he smiles!  He is just excited about life and knows that there is life beyond the consequences of his behavior!  ReyMark knows what is right and wrong, just has trouble doing the right thing sometimes.  He very easily follows someone that  has some "good idea" that sounds like fun but is wrong.  He accepts his consequences well…and tries to be good for awhile until that old temptation comes back again! His behavior has improved significantly since coming to our home,  his  only big problem now is an unceasing  and strong desire to verbally tease other kids.   ReyMark does well in school.  He is loving and affectionate.  He and his three siblings are getting serious about adoption now,  they figure that being here for a year is long enough for that dang "paper work" to be done. 
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