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August 9, 2006
We had quite the party last night!  It was Joemar’s 30th birthday and Arnel’s 7th.  Joemar has been talking about his birthday for months already. We even had the lechon (roasted pig) that he wanted!  He changed his clothes three times in the last hour before the party. Arnel figured out that he did in fact like birthday parties!  He had never been able to celebrate his birthday before this year!  It was such a joy to share this event with these two!  It was quite the party too…we we had lots of visitors!  We had people from the East Coast USA,  West Coast USA, Kenya, Germany and Austria!  It was a very busy day yesterday not even considering the birthday parties.  Earlier in the day we had 17 Canadians visiting too!  It seems that CSC is on all of our friends "gotta see" list when ever they have visitors.  Our kids do enjoy meeting new people but to be honest all the visitors that we had yesterday were a bit overwhelming!
We have an adoptive family here now too…they are here to get their little 20 month old boy from us.  They are a great family and will do well with our darling, but they had a tough day yesterday!  Hard to see.   Hopefully today will be much better for them. I am sure it will be.  It seems that the second day is often the worst day for the adjustment process (that was yesterday).  Kids between the ages of 18 months to 2 1/2 years have the hardest initial adjustment times too.  It is a joy for us to see all these families being created! The hard part is saying goodbye…but we have done it 425 times now I think it is!   Adoption is a wonderful thing!
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