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KID of the WEEK – August 13, 2006

August 13, 2006
JULIETO is 16 years old.  He has lived at CSC for 6 1/2 years.  When he came to us he had never been to school.  He had actually never been much of anywhere except the little area in the mountains where he lived alone with his old grandfather.  His speech was very simple and his understanding of life outside of the little area where he grew up was minimal. He was in shock for awhile…there was just too much to take in when he first arrived.  But he always had his smile, and he always had his ability to trust.  Julieto still struggles with academics,  reading is hard for him,  he likes Math but is still at early elementary levels in Math too. Despite the fact that school is hard for him he enjoys school and is still working hard everyday to achieve there.  The biggest struggle that Julieto has is the fact that he is now 16 though…this milestone was the end of his dream of being adopted.  He held on to the dream until the  very last moment too.   Being Julieto is a single (no siblings),  adoption possibilities end for him at age 16,  if he had younger siblings he could be adopted until he was 18 years old.  Julieto knows and understands that he can no longer be adopted, but it still makes him sad.  It makes me sad too.  He is a great kid.  I don’t understand why he was not adopted..we have had lots of "last minute" adoptions in our history.  But not for Julieto.  He knows that he will move to the Teen Home sometime but is not in a hurry to move there.  He will live in the Cherne Home for some time yet, and enjoy being the big brother there.  When he moves to the Teen Home he will be the youngest.  Julieto is a wonderful young man who has just had a long time dream ended.  He will survive I know.  He knows he is loved and is adjusting his thinking regarding his future.  I look forward to the plans that God does have for this precious young man.  I have also added the question "why wasn’t Julieto adopted ?" to my long list of questions to ask the Lord someday!
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