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This Weekend

August 13, 2006
Last night was an exciting time!  We welcomed our three darlings; Jenalyn, Victor and James Francis back from a month in Montana! We also have an extra one added to our family, John Ray will be spending some time with us too. These kids could not stop talking about all the experiences that they had and all the fun they had on the ride home from the airport.  They each came back with a suitcase full of stuff they did not leave here with.  We are not certain how this trip will play into the future for them, but we are praying that God’s Will be done in each of these kids lives as well as the families that they just spent a month with.  Now…it is back to school and normal life for them….won’t be easy I can assure you! We are happy to have them back though!  We missed them!  It was sad to see them go to Luke’s Room,   to see if he was REALLY gone as they had been told.  He is.
Today is not going to be the Sunday that I usually hope for either..but I am excited for it!  I usually hope for a coveted Sunday afternoon nap! That won’t happen today.  I even skipped church this morning.   I decided that it was time to get some  GROUP FAMILY PHOTOS taken of each of our Kids Homes families.   The Church I attend starts at 10:00 AM,  the kids church starts at 8:00 so they usually get home about 10:00.  At 10:00 today I was there at the Shelter waiting for them with my camera.  I like to take the group photos on sunday because the kids are all dressed up.  Nice to get them all wearing different things too, school days everyone has a uniform on!  We had a successful photo session…not an easy thing to get the kids lined up and looking sort of in one direction…."someone go catch Wilmar please",  "Jenive, it is not funny to hide your face ",  "Yes, I know it is hot Jacob",  "no rabbit ears please",  "Rodrigo take your shirt off your head",  "I can’t see the baby you are holding Janice",  "WHAT!  We took all those photos and Rene was in the bathroom!" , "Will someone wake Lynette up please"  and "keep your hands to yourselves" were all very needed comments and commands..along with many others!  But it was a fun time and we were successful! Check out the photos!
AND we are very anxious to meet Lynette and Tylers adoptive parents who arrive early this afternoon. Lynette is 3 and Tyler will be 2 tomorrow.  What an honor and privelege we have in being able to see all these families being created before our eyes.  Lynette and Tyler are both pretty shy and can be stubborn, it will be interesting to see how they handle having a Mom and Dad! 
AND tonight we are having a PARTY!  We are welcoming our kids back from Montana with a gigantic PIZZA PARTY for everyone.  It will be a busy and fun day for sure….hmmmm….but that nap would have been nice too.  Oh well!  NEXT SUNDAY! 
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