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Kid of the Week – August 20, 2006

August 20, 2006
MARIE MEA will be 6 years old in October.  She and her big sister MaryBeth (12) arrived at CSC ten months ago,  their eight year old brother Edmon joined them in April of this year.  Marie Mea arrived with some concerns; she would not accept hugs, or any sign of affection really, especially not from the men. Of course this behavior helps us to understand her past and her needs for healing and learning new relationships,  and especially the need for "good touch"  from trusted and loving adults.  Marie Mea is still having  concerns with touch.  We make progress with her and make some breakthroughs, which  often bring up some new feelings and new concerns in her mind and then there is some regression once again.  This is all a part of progress.  Marie Mea is gaining confidence and trust, she is bonding with her houseparents and caretakers. She is a very curious and fun loving little girl. We are confident that she will overcome her past. Marie Mea is in Pre-school and is making good progress there.  She is quite adventuresome and is losing the shyness that she had when she came, now she is one of the first to introduce herself to visitors to our home. Marie Mea is a little girl who has been hurt in the past, this is obvious by her behavior. She is now opening up to counselors and other trusted adults, telling us each bits and pieces of her life before coming to CSC.  Marie Mea will heal.  She will learn to accept affection,  we are happy that we are here to help her to do just that.
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