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Kid of the Week – August 27

August 27, 2006
Wilmar arrived at CSC when he 7 months old.  He turned 5 years old in March, 2006.  Wilmar has some neurological concerns that make life difficult for him.  He was very delayed in walking, but now runs all over the house and yard (usually with an Auntie running behind him calling his name!)  We were told that he may never speak,  but he is speaking!  He knows the names of everyone at CSC I think, he can make  himself understood quite well now.  When we met Wilmar as an infant there seemed to be some concerns with him,  but when we held him he would consistently reach up and touch our faces…he had our hearts at that point. There was no way he was going anywhere else.  Wilmar has a wonderful personality. He loves life and is always busy doing something. He is definately a people person.  He is in Pre-school now and has recently amazed all of us with his ability to recognize letters, he consistently points out letters on billboards or in books…and he is RIGHT!  We don’t know what Wilmar’s future will be, it would be wonderful if he could be adopted some day, but it also may be that he spends his life with us because of his disablities.  When we see Wilmar those disabilities certainly are not what we see.  We see a happy little boy with a wonderful sense of humor who is constantly on the run!  Wilmar is a CSC KID who is loved and appreciated simply because he is OUR WILMAR.
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