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August 27, 2006
       Wow…a week has gone by since I wrote a BLOG entry.  Lets see…what can I blame that fact on? We haven’t had any visitors all week, so I can’t blame it on that.  I’m no more behind on my work this week than I am at  any other time, so I can’t blame it on that either.  I could say that we have three babies in the hospital…but that does not make much extra work for me, so can’t  honestly blame it on that either.  Actually, I have been having some computer trouble and also have been having trouble getting online and accessing my BLOG once I am on line…YEAH that is the reason I have not written. Glad I figured that out.
         It has been a busy week even though not much out of the ordinary has happened.  We do have lots of sick babies,  two are still in the hospital (one was released today).  We certainly have some bug going around,  the big kids (including me) have cough and plugged heads but it does not seem to slow us down too much.  It is hitting the babies much harder.  Sick babies are a scary thing.  The sickest ones are getting better in the hospital but we still have two nurseries of babies that are not feeling well in the homes.
         We had a fun night tonight though,  Armand’s 4th birthday bash.  He was so excited!  He came running out of the door of the house when I drove in tonight for the party!  He knows that I always bring the gift from CSC for the kids so I am sure it was not just ME that he was excited to see. But I did get a nice hug before he looked at the birthday gift I had,  and asked me who it was for.  Armand is a very cool kid who has come a long ways in the last few months.  It is so exciting to see him mature and figure out life.  He is a joy.   In case any of you are wondering about his bandaged hand on the photo below….that is what happens when an almost 4 year old grabs onto the hot exhaust pipe of a motorcycle. Poor boy!
          It is much more satisfying to be involved in life at CSC than it is to listen to the news of this world.  Sometimes when I hear more bad news I just want to hide my head in the sand or something. The world is a mess.  There are bad things  happpening all over the place.  Wars, hatred, natural disasters, death, cancer, misunderstandings, terrorist threats….what a world we live in. How do people that don’t have the assurance of a future in Heaven put up with this world is my question?!?!  I know that I need to know what is happening in my world, but I sure am happy that I can go to birthday parties for kids whose only worry in life right now is if they are going to get a cool birthday gift or not..and oh yeah,  who they can invite to  their party from the other house!  That is always a big decision for our kids; they get to invite two kids from the other house for their party. Lots of politics in that decision making process I can tell you!  It was easy for Armand though,  Rafael and April Boy are his best buddies in the other house! 
           So….if any of you need some cheering up and a reason to be happy about what is happening around you, just come on over for any CSC Birthday Party!  We have them often, about 80 a year!!!  I do love having visitors, even if I can use them as an excuse not to write a BLOG entry at times! Actually…I do enjoy writing this blog.
           FYI  I do change the photos in all  three of my Photo albums from time to time so continue to check them out for more CSC kids and happenings as they occur.
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