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September 3, 2006
JEREMIE is 8 years old and has lived at CSC for 9 months.  He has had a tough life, being "given away" by his birth mom, and then neglected by the lady he was left with.  A very elderly lady took pity on  Jeremie and made sure he got food and some medical needs met.  She grew to love Jeremie, and he loved her, but she wisely realized that she could not give him the future he deserved. She is  the one who found CSC and brought Jeremie to us 9 months ago.  Jeremie has a very low self image and some behavior concerns that are related to that.  He is a good kid, he is affectionate and is learning that there are adults in the world that can be trusted. It is a long process to undo all the hurt that has been done to this darling boy though. Jeremie continues to have medical concerns.  This week he had a second biopsy done on one of the many lumps that he has all over his body.  The first biopsy, months ago, was benign and all has been well until a lump on his knee started growing fast and became very painful.  Jeremie had surgery on that lump this week. Surgery went well and Jeremie is already walking better, even with all the bandages.  We are anxious to get the result of this biopsy.
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