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Shopping…and other important stuff

September 3, 2006
       The kids did not have school wednesday through friday this week while  the teachers prepared for the new semester starting next week. We had extra activities planned; each house had an outing, kids went out with staff for lunches and suppers, we had an overnight party at school,  and almost everyone got to go SHOPPING.  We give the kids a small allowance every week,  this allowance gets put in "Auntie Sandy’s Bank" and saved  ( interest).  Usually about 3 or 4 times a year everyone gets a shopping trip to buy what they want to buy with their own money. This week I took four groups shopping (7 to 10 kids in each group).  I am not a person who loves to shop, but it is fun to see the kids excitement and to watch them make their choices.  Most of our kids buy things for their siblings and something to share with their friends.  Each day had some excitement of its own added to our shopping; one day while driving to the Mall a man on a motorcycle lost control of his motorcycle right in front of me, I had to brake hard and turn sharply,  but praise the Lord I totally missed the man and his motorcycle.  The kids were wondering why I was driving "so crazy" though!  We had lost  (and found) packages,  we had trays of food dropped on the way to the table,  we had kids getting their money mixed up so had to figure out who  had how much left,  we had discussions about why they could not buy certain DVD’s.  And it all WAS fun.  The last group was the teenagers, so I figured I had it pretty easy.   We set up a meeting place and I said I would see them in three hours.  We were at a big Mall so I reminded the kids to stay with their group…one girls group and one boys group.  We met after three hours, both groups were on time and both wanted more time to shop.  We decided one more hour and we would meet again and see if they still had any money left!  The girls arrived a bit early and asked for just a bit more time to run to the grocery store to get some junk food!  I gave them permission and waited for the boys to arrive. They were late…and I was getting worried.  Soon they appear,  minus one boy.  Julieto was lost.   We had discussed the possibility of getting lost and had said to meet at McDonalds if that happened.  A quick trip to McDonalds confirmed Julieto was not there.   I had two of the boys wait at the meeting place,  two more check McDonalds again and I went to the last place they had seen Julieto!  In 27 years and almost 425 kids I have never lost a kid!  As we all met back at the meeting place we spotted a very embarrassed Julieto slowly coming towards us…he knew he was in trouble!  I was happy to see him but did have some serious talking to do.  He had decided that the other boys were too slow and he was just going to check out one thing and come back to where the other boys were…when he came back they were gone…looking for him.  A good lesson was learned and we were all safe at the end of the day.
           Other things going on this week have been concerns about 3 of our babies and  a very sick 6 year old Janice who all ended up in the hospital with pneumonia.  They are all improving but this is proving to be a very tough and long lasting bug!  We still have about 10 kids in ISOLATION at home because of this "bug".  Jeremie had surgery to biopsy a lump that has been growing fast on his leg,  Gino had to go to the OR to have a procedure to figure out some problems he has been having. We got the news that one of our adoptive parents is in very critical condition at Mayo clinic.  We had kids matched this week….we had meetings to decide what kids to admit from our referral list.
         The good and the bad,  the happy and the sad…life goes on at CSC.
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