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September 6, 2006
Many of you already know Joemar.  He is 30 years old and has lived at CSC for 22 years!  Joemar operates at about an 8 year old level cognitively.  His speech capabilities are even less, but Joemar is one of the happiest and coolest people I know.  He always has a smile on his face.  This monday we didn’t see too many smiles from Joemar though.   Joemar works at Mc Donalds monday, wednesday and friday every week.  He takes a jeepney to work,  we make sure he gets on the right jeepney and he knows where to get off.   (We do go and get him after work is over because there are just too many choices of jeepney’s for him to get on…he would likely end up at the airport! )  On monday Joemar got off at his regular stop and started his short walk to McDonalds.  Three men came up to Joemar and told him to give them his billfold. Joemar is slow to respond so did not react fast enough for these guys, so they hit him.   Joemar finally got his billfold out and gave it;  possessions are important to Joemar,  his billfold and the photos inside were very special to him.  The guys looked inside his billfold and saw there was no money,  this angered them.   They surrounded Joemar and were threatening him when his "guardian angel sent from the Lord" arrived. A young woman from a local church who knew Joemar  saw what was happening and knew that he was not capable of handling the situation.  She bravely walked up to the men and told them that Joemar was a special needs adult and asked what they wanted from him! The guys didn’t know how to handle her and just turned and ran away!   Joemar was comforted by her but then went off to work!  When we found out  what happened we spoke with Joemar about his experience and his feelings. Joemar sobbed but was able to tell us much of what he was feeling.  We asked him what he wanted to do about this,  did he want to ride a jeepney again?  Did he want us to bring him to work? He was adament that he wanted to get right back on a jeepney and go to work.  He communicated that he was not fearful, he was just very sad that he lost his possessions.  SO…today our Joemar got back on that jeepney, and went to work!  I asked Uncle Patrick to ride the jeepney with him today.  Patrick said that Joemar paused long enough to point out where the men robbed him, but he showed no fear and marched right by the place and on to McDonalds.  Patrick was so impressed that people along the way to Mc Donalds know Joemar and called him by name!  Joemar has friends everywhere.  We are so blessed to have Joemar with us, he cheers us with his wonderful outlook on life.  But we learned something about our Joemar today..he is also very brave!  We are so proud of Joemar!
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