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KID of the WEEK, September 10, 2006

September 10, 2006
PRINCESS DANIELA came to live at CSC  on August 16th.   She was three years old in July.  Princess and her little brother John David are living at the Eicher Home.  Princess is quite bright and very capable.  She is active and full of questions and some good answers too. We are impressed that she already knows many English words.  But, sad to say,  the poor dear has been in Isolation the whole time she has been at CSC!  She now has Amoebic Dysentary so is isolated to keep the rest of the kids from getting that.  She does not seem very ill but is quite frustrated not to have the run of the house and the playground.  She keeps calling to the other kids and does not understand why she cannot be with them. It is sad to see her all alone while the other kids are having fun playing together.  I am sure that once Princess gets out of Isolation there may be some times that we may look back on her Isolation days thinking that it was much easier to contain  her in Isolation!  She will be one of those little girls that all of our years of experience will help with!  We are happy that Princess is with us and look forward to getting to know her much better once she gets out of Isolation!  That could be tomorrow at the earliest!
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