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KID of the WEEK – September 17, 2006

September 17, 2006
         Raymund came to live at CSC over two years ago.  He has two older brothers Remir (13) and Reymark (almost 9) and an older sister Mary Joy (10) with him here.  These four siblings will make someone a wonderful family someday…the kids are certainly planning on that anyway!
         Raymund is seven years old today.  We were all excited to go Raymund’s birthday party tonight  because we wanted to see his excitement!  Raymund is a kid who loves life.   He does nothing  halfway,  everything is exciting.  When we put the food on the table Raymund loudly exclaims  "wow that looks delicious",  if the teachers introduce a new concept at school Raymund is jumping up and down and proclaiming how wonderful it is to know that!   If someone draws or colors a picture,  it is the most wonderful picture he has ever seen.  If we say we are going to watch a specific video this weekend it will be the video that  he has waited all his life to watch!  If there is not something "exciting" enough for Raymund happening in real life (and with 70 kids around there should always be) he will make up his own excitement.  He will be a spaceman flying in a spaceship, or a soldier in the midst of a war or a race car driver – all these complete with lots of actions and noise.  Sometimes we wonder how Raymund learns anything;  it does not seem like he is listening and he is always moving.  But, he was the first one to read in his class, he does well in all academics.  He does fine in the home as well, except for lots of reminders to stay on task and to try to be a little quieter at times!  
         Raymund’s love for life is contagious, you can’t help but smile interacting with him or just watching him.  All this activity seems to be working fine for him…so we will just continue to enjoy watching this little boy enjoy life, and pray for the family he goes to!!
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