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KID of the WEEK – September 24, 2006

September 24, 2006
         Jeffrey has lived at CSC for 19 months and six years old.  He is here with his five siblings; Annalisa (13), Jenive (10), Bernardo (9), Birny (8) and Rafael (5).   Jeffrey and each of his siblings are very short in stature,  two of them are taking growth hormones to see if that will help them to grow. 
         Jeffrey’s personality is quite different from his siblings. His siblings are outgoing and  can fairly easily express their thoughts and emotions.  Jeffrey is more serious, often quiet, but very observant,  he reserves his affection for selected people.  Jeffrey is very genuine when he does share his affection though, it is not just done for attention.  Jeffrey does quite well academically while his siblings all struggle in school. Jeffrey’s face shows his emotions, but  it is easy for kids like Jeffrey to "just survive" in the large group setting that we have.  We have to seek Jeffrey out to give him the attention that most of the other kids demand.  He does not demand our attention. Jeffrey is a darling little boy that has much to share and add to our lives.  His outlook on life is very mature for his age.  His expectations are not  at all selfish, he shows genuine empathy. 
         We are working with Jeffrey on being able to express his own desires and preferences.  He is the kind of kid that will consistently "give in" to the more outspoken  and demanding kids;  just because it is easier and more peaceful overall if he just does what they want.  This has caused some concerns in recent weeks.  We do need to convince Jeffrey that he does have much to say and that he does not have to go through life letting others have their way just to keep the peace. There is something very special and very deep about Jeffrey, he seems to have wisdom beyond his years in many areas.  We just need to convince him that  he is a wise as he is!
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