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KID of the WEEK – October 1, 2006

October 1, 2006
KIRK is  19 years old.  He came to live at CSC over nine years ago.  Kirk arrived at CSC with a baby brother.  As time went on Kirk made the decision that he did not desire to be adopted, but we decided that his little brother would be adopted.  This was a difficult time for Kirk, and for all of us, but we do feel that this decision was best for both boys, even if it did mean separation.  Kirk is an excellent student and has been awarded honors in  his high school as well as at the city level.  Kirk has battled many things over the years,  he continues to battle in some areas of  his life even now.  He is in his first year of college here in Cebu.  He is living in our Teen Home.  Kirk is teaching CHARACTER FIRST to all of our kids,  the CSC kids love and respect their big brother Kirk.  We are proud of Kirk and of each of his many accomplishments. We will continue to help and guide Kirk as he grows into the young man that God wants him to be.  Our prayer is that Kirk will someday be allowed to take advantage of an offer of a USA college education and a family that would love to become Kirks second family while he attends college.  We just need to convince the US Embassy that Kirk is worthy of this opportunity.  He has already been denied a Visa once….
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