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Rainy Day

October 1, 2006
          Wow, it is a Sunday AND a rainy day,  you can’t get better than that for a nap.  But, I’m not all that tired so I guess I will have to waste the good nap time and do something a bit more important.  I  have a bunch of reports to get caught up on and a seminar to get ready for… but it’s Sunday! I tried to find a good book to read, but I have read all I have here. So, it’s either write this BLOG or do some real work!  Looks like this won.
          I love Rainy season here,  rainy and cloudy all the time is easier to deal with than the tropical sun and up to 100 degree weather.  I have  to admit it does not seem to be the kids BEST time though.  There is only so much you can do inside the house with 30 plus kids at a time! Thank the Lord for LEGOS!  Our kids love them and most of the kids can spend lots of time building and rebuilding  (oh yeah..there is the fighting over specific pieces and the  "he did that on purpose" fights) but overall it is a good thing.  Legos spread out on the table are our most popular rainy day activity.  I wish we had more Legos! Anyone out there catch that hint?  We have done lots of reading and watching videos and games….gee, only a couple more months of rainy season!  Actually the kids enjoy this season too I think,  but it does help them to appreciate the sun and the dry playground when we have it (our playground is more like a mud pit with grass at the moment)  We are also very appreciative that we are on the edges of all the typhoons that are out there in the Pacific so far this season. All we get is lots of rain, not any of the wind.  Manila got hit hard last week, the USA Embassy there is still closed.  We still have electricity, water and our  dry homes so we will put up with 30 kids inside the houses for awhile yet….. sure would be easier if we had more Legos (and Duplos) though………
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