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KID of the WEEK – OCTOBER 15, 2006

October 15, 2006
                 Michael Angelo is 12 years old and has lived at CSC for over three years.   He is here with his older siblings Angie and Neil ( twins- 14), and his younger siblings Paul (7) and Crezillah (6). 
                 Michael Angelo is bright and talented, he has the potential to do most anything that he wants to do in life!  Things actually come easy for Michael Angelo, but when he does meet a challenge or something that he does not understand immediately he often decides that he just does not need to do that because it simply is not FAIR.  When this attitude does not work Michael Angelo has an amazing ability to get his way; he is a "Charmer" and a very good one!  We are working hard with this but Michael Angelo often has his "way" and is walking away with a smile on his face before the "charmee" realizes they have been charmed by him once again!  He gets the younger kids to do his work and do things for him all the time, and they do it happily!
                  This is not something that we have much practice with here, most of our kids we are working with to encourage them to gain some confidence and express their opinions.  With Michael Angelo we have to remind him that the world does not revolve around him and that YES, sometimes we do have to WORK and sometimes life is not FAIR and sometimes things just do not go our way!  I am sure there is some lack of self esteem in there somewhere too, there almost has to be with his background.  But, he has consistently shown confidence in himself and clearly communicates that (in his opinion) he is the only one at CSC that really knows what should be happening!
                   Michael Angelo does have amazing potential.  He is a fun kid, he likes to tease and enjoys challenges that he can overcome quickly.  He can honestly share his feelings when he wants to.  He has made much progress in our home in the three plus years he has lived with us.   We know that he will achieve something major!  Will he be an actor? A polititian? A world renown entrepreneur? We know he will always be a charmer!  Maybe he will take over CSC some day!   In the meantime though we will continue to try to convince this darling charmer that life will not always be as easy as it is at CSC, and that people are not put in his life simply to meet his needs. 
                   Michael Angelo does add lots of spice to my life as Child Development Director!  And…I guess that I have to admit that I have fallen for his "Charm" more than once!  Tomorrow I am getting tough with him though!  Yeah right…..
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