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KID of the WEEK – October 22, 2006

October 22, 2006
                  CREZILLAH is 6 years old and has lived at CSC for over 3 years.  She is here with her siblings Angie and Neil (almost 14), Michael Angelo (12) and Paul (7).   When Crezillah came to CSC she brought along some behaviour concerns.  Some of these concerns were because she was the baby of the family and a bit spoiled (yes, even kids in poverty can be spoiled…and that is a good thing!) and some of them were because of things she had seen and the "cute little girl" role she had played.  Sometimes Crezillah grabbed center stage and sometimes she acted painfully shy, but she always got attention and always remained in control!
                   Crezillah has grown up lots in the last few months though.  She has left much of her problematic behavior behind.  She is doing well in school and very proud of her new found reading ability!  Crezillah is much more honest in her behavior and her interactions now,  she is not  "playing a role" anymore.  Crezillah does still expect Angie to meet her needs ( many that don’t really need meeting) but this is only significant remnant of her past behavior. 
                    Crezillah is just starting to be able to play cooperatively, not having to be THE LEADER in all her peer interactions. We are proud of Crezillah and look forward to watching her continue to develop and mature. These five kids are great kids that have amazing potential along with some very stubborn streaks and strong personalities!  Angie and Neil have both lived through all the stubborn stuff and have emerged as two very cool teenagers – we are confident that Crezillah and the others will too!
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