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KID of the WEEK OCT. 29

November 1, 2006
JENALYN  is 14 years old and has lived at CSC for over five years.  She is a very loving and affectionate young lady (when she wants to be!). Jenalyn interacts  well with adults but she sometimes has trouble with her peer relationships. She is often the first to volunteer to pray or even to speak out in a group of people.  Jenalyn loves to help out in the kitchen, she takes her job responsibility very seriously. She has high hopes and dreams for herself; being world renown balerina, basketball player or soccer player being a few of the most talked about goals!  Her most sought after dream is be be adopted though.  Jenalyn prays daily for a family,  our prayers for her are the same.  Jenalyn has grown and matured much in the five years she has been with CSC,  she now needs the more intimate setting that only a family can provide her.  Jenalyn has a place in all of our hearts, but we are anxious for her to have a family of her own, even though we have to say goodbye to her to make that happen! 
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