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I am NOT going to the Cemetary

November 2, 2006
      November 1 and 2 are All Souls Day and All Saints Day here.  That means that you go to the cemetary and celebrate the holiday with your dead relatives.  Hmmm…even though we do have some loved ones in cemetarys here, we won’t be celebrating with them. I think they will understand. 
      I decided that shoe shopping was a better way to spend the holidays.  I brought six kids shoe shopping each day, we had fun! It was nice being at the Mall when so many others were not! It is pretty interesting to take kids shoe shopping. REALLY. With our kids it is usually the boys that take so long deciding what shoes to get, the girls are fast!  I don’t know when that "shopping gene" changes over…but I have a feeling that it will.  Too bad for me in the meantime though….about 2/3 of our kids are boys, and the boys go through their shoes much faster than the girls, so I do lots of shoe shopping with boys.  It is fun to see what catches the kids eye though,  the boys often choose from posters and photos, what sport are these shoes best for? What cool person is wearing this shoe?  The color does not seem to matter much to them;  black, white, blue, brown, they buy any color.  If the poster is cool and the shoe is about 2 sizes too big for them,  then they want it!  They always want shoes that are too big for them (even considering growing room!) The girls hardly look at the posters and photos, they look at the shoe,  it does not matter to them if it is the wrong size,  as long as it is the right shoe!  They will curl up their toes and smash their feet in to be sure to get THAT SHOE.  They don’t want shoes that are way to big for them.  It is fun to see the individual preferneces come in and observe the kids making decisions.  The reality is that often shoes are the first things that our kids have been able to buy for themselves, so it is quite an event!  And I have had the honor of participating in this event hundreds of times….and it is  way better than going to a cemetary and celebrating with our dead loved ones any day!
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