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November 16, 2006
The first few years I was here I thought I knew lots about kids.  You would think that I would have realized how little I did know when I was actually learning something new about kids everyday…took me awhile to figure out that I was still learning I guess.  NOW I KNOW that I still have lots to learn.  I love learning,  I could just keep going to school all my life I think…but I will settle for the learning experience that I have every day with these darling CSC kids. I will share a few tidbits of  knowledge that I have learned *everyone needs to be someone’s favorite! We publically say that we should not show favortism..but the fact is that you could ask any one of our kids who is the "favorite" of who and you would get consistent answers…and it would be true.  Each of our kids really is someone’s favorite!  We have over 35 workers,  10 teachers and about 10 staff so we do have enough to go around. We have people who are aware who the "trouble maker’s" are, or who the "harder to love" child is and attach themselves to them, it is not just the "easy to love" kids that get to be someone’s "favorite" – the babies get to be everyone’s favorite…even the big kids love the babies.  Another thing that I have learned is that for every mistake you make with a kid *you have to DO IT RIGHT UP TO 100 times to make up for your mistake!  I wish this was not true, but our kids have to learn trust, and we are often their first teachers…so we have to prove over and over again that we will do what we say and admit what we do…good and bad.  When we hear about the things that some of our kids have lived through I imagine myself surviving these things – I don’t think I could have survived!  And our kids, for the most part, not only survive but they OVERCOME! * Kids can survive and even overcome some pretty traumatic stuff!   I know that some of these  things can resurface later in life and that Post Tramatic Stress can hit at any time in life…but I am proud of the progress that our kids often initially make when they arrive at CSC. We work hard to make sure that each kid knows they are loved and that their needs will be met…and a few desires will be thrown in too.  I know that much of the reason that our kids can overcome some traumatic things in their life is because they are SOMEONE’S FAVORITE! They have the heart knowledge that they are loved because they are who they are. My first 27 years have been full of some simple and some complex learning experiences. I wonder what I will learn tomorrow! 
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