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December 1, 2006
JANNY came to live with us  when she was about 24 hours old. Now, at the age of two weeks Janny has already learned that the world is a good place,  she knows that if she wiggles, cries or even opens her eyes there will be someone there to touch her, hold her and talk to her. She will never know what real hunger is, a bottle will be in her mouth before that could happen.  Janny will not have to experience what many of our kids did have to experience, many of our kids learned that the world is not always a safe and good place.  There are people who claim that Janny has already experienced the "Primal Wound" of losing her birth mother, that she will always have something lacking in her life because of this "Primal Wound".  Janny will have a loving adoptive family someday, chances are good that she will overcome that "Primal Wound".  Janny is blessed because she has not had to experience any of the negative stuff that our older kids  have experienced. We are blessed to  have Janny as our newest CSC KID.
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