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December 7, 2006
Adoption is a wonderful thing…I know that I have said this before, but I can’t help myself. In the last week two of our darlings have left us.  Armand is going to Australia, AND he is going to the family that already adopted his little sister!  Nina came to us as a baby and was adopted as a toddler,  shortly after she left us her big brother Armand was surrendered for adoption by their birth parents, he arrived at CSC within weeks of Nina leaving. And now they are adopted into the same family to be real brother and sister for the rest of their lives!  Armand and Nina had us all in tears much of the time that the family was here.  What an honor it was to see these two together.  They were side by side and often hand in hand the whole time they were at CSC, they simply could not get enough of each other.  God is good.   Another little guy left this week too, what an honor it is for us to see so many families being made.  I never get tired of watching adoptive families see their new son/daughter for the first time!  There are lots more to come too….
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