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December 14, 2006
I just got back from a 3 day vacation.  My baby brother Greg is here for a month!  We went to my favorite place..MOAL BOAL.   It is a little resort on the other side of the island, only about 60 miles away, but takes well over two hours to get to…just because that is normal driving time in this country! You have to fight for your spot in the road with Twelve zooming busses,  Eleven kids a playing, 10 dogs a sleeping,  9 cats a running, 8 motor cycles, 7 demented drivers, 6 bicycles bumping, 5 Carabaos,  4 little goats, 3 dead rats , 2 old folks and a big truck with a flat tire!  Now you are all thinking that I still need a vacation right? It was great actually, Tammy, Amy, Shari, Desiree and Roxanne got to spend a couple of the days with us there.  We got to do lots of snorkeling, reading, eating and sleeping!  It was good.  Now I am back and ready for the whirlwind of Christmas – thus the Christmas song.
I just want you to know that my new years resolution will be to add a Blog entry at least once a week….but I still have a couple weeks before I have to live up to that resolution don’t I? HA…I will try to get better at this blogging!
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