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January 7, 2007
Oh my…if I am going to live up to my New Years resolution of BLOGGING at least once a week I better get busy. I have less than an hour before it is January 8th!
We have had a wonderful holiday season here.  Christmas was amazing,  Santa remembered everyone once again! Hey..I consider myself pretty lucky, the last two years I have known Santa pretty well..last year he was my brother Ron and this year he was my brother Greg! It is fun to share my life here in Cebu with my family!
We made lots of good memories for our kids once again.  One of the funny ones that I will always remember is sitting down to our "formal" Christmas dinner with all our kids,  about 70 people total.   We were outside in the beautiful tropical weather when a rain storm arrived..we moved so fast!  We were all under cover in a minute and no one was TOO wet, we moved the food laden tables and everyone grabbed their chairs!  We only lost two plates of food in the transfer.  It was funny seeing those preschoolers struggling to try to move their plate and their chair at the same time!  Some were successful!  We had lots of fun and made sure the kids got gifts, but we also made sure that each of our kids learned the Christmas Story from the Bible.  What a blessing it is to share Christmas with the kids for the first time!  The kids who have been here for other Christmas’s make sure the the new kids know the ropes too.
My brother has been here for a month, he will be leaving soon.  He was a blessing to me as well as to CSC while he was here.  I sure have some nice brothers (and a nice sister too).
We have had lots of concerns with internet lately.  There was an earthquake in Taiwan shortly after Christmas that damaged some underwater cables used for internet between Asia and the USA, for nearly two weeks we had little to no internet access.  I sure am glad that I can blame some of my delay in Blogging on this fact!
Later this week the ASEAN SUMMIT comes to Cebu City.  This was scheduled for a month ago but was postponed at the last moment for lots of reasons;  a typhoon,  threats of violence and the fact that the venue’s were not all that ready being the 3 main reasons.  I don’t think there will be any more we will be hosting the ASEAN SUMMIT from the 10th to the 15th.   Pray for safety for all participants and for the peace and order situation during this time please.  This is a huge event for Cebu City,   there will be high ranking officials from all Asian countries as well as Australia and New Zeland here.  We will do our best to simply stay out of their way!
Thanks for reading my BLOG..I can’t believe how many people do actually!
I will be adding more photos later!  I am off to Manila to help to get my brother on his way back to Minnesota in a few hours.  When I get back to Cebu City the ASEAN SUMMIT will be underway.
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