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ASEAN, SINOLOG and other dumb stuff

January 14, 2007
We can’t even get out of our little corner of the city today.  They are doing some siteseeing with some of the ASEAN SUMMIT folks and are also getting ready to close the whole city down next weekend for SINOLOG  (ceremony and parade in honor of Santo Nino,  Cebu’s resident Saint and Idol.)  Hmmmmmm.  Good I have plenty to do here at home.
The kids are doing well in "coming down" from the Christmas excitement and all the visitors we had (we actually have about 5 days here with no visitors!)  Most of the Christmas toys are still in working order.  All the kids got to go shopping with their own money during Christmas break, so we have all those toys too.   Of course a few of the remote control cars made one to many trips down the stairs..or just HAD to be driven through one too many puddles.  The remote control cars do get a little crazy with so many in one place,  no one ever knows for sure who is really controlling what car!  We even have a couple flying saucers – each have been on a roof and in a tree but are now "safely" back in kids hands!  The walkie talkies are now being used a bit more appropriately,  from more than 6 feet away from the person they are talking too! We have basketballs everywhere. The new puzzles and games are  mostly still complete too – one of the most popular is Monopoly – the Philippine version of course. The kids are already talking about next Christmas….
It really is an honor to spend Christmas with these kids.  Each year we have kids who have never spent a CHRISTIAN CHRISTMAS in their lives, kids who have never received a gift in their lives and kids who are overjoyed with whatever they receive.  What a blessing to see the excitement, understanding, acceptance, joy and love that all all our Christmas plans and activities bring.  There is no better Christmas gift that I could have than seeing this every year.   Too bad that Christmas has to be followed so close by Sinolog here in Cebu….the feeling and meaning of Christmas and Sinolog are really in total opposition to each other. I need to go back and look at our Christmas photos to try to get that silly  SANTO NINO drum beat out of my head…every school in the city marches in the Sinolog parade..and they all play the SAME SONG!  They have already been practicing for a couple weeks. The same beat and words over and over and over again….yuck.  Enjoy your peace and quiet there….and think about us and our SINOLOG mess here.   But,  you can’t walk out your door and see all these darling CSC kids in a few minutes either, I guess I can put up with the Sinolog mess….
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