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January 25, 2007
      Today I drove across the island…over the mountains and through the was a beautiful drive.  It is rainy season here so things are very lush and green with lots of beautiful views from the top of the "mountains".  The area we drove through is where most of our vegetables and flowers come from.   The reason we went was to check out a sibling group of NINE KIDS that have been referred to us.  Their Mother died over a year ago,  their father is overwhelmed with the responsibility of nine kids and has realized that he simply cannot provide  for all their needs. Circumstances are such that simple financial  help for the family is not enough.  It is obvious that the kids are very much devoted to each other and their father; and him to them.   The kids ages are 1 year to 14 years.  We will have a staff meeting within the next few days to talk about this sibling group.  We need to decide what is best for them. Do we take them all? Do we have some stay with their father?  Tough decisons; life changing decisions for these kids. 
       Our two Social Workers, our Nurse and Uncle Matt went with me today.  We were able to talk with the kids,  their father, their Grandma and an Aunt, so we feel like we got a pretty good idea of what these kids are like.  They are good kids!  It is sad to think of them not staying with their Dad,  but circumstances are such that something needs to happen, things can’t go on as they are.  Life is just not fair sometimes. I think that I have mentioned that fact before…..
        I am including a photo of the five youngest kids with their Lola (grandma), one of them after we had talked with them for awhile (they have beautiful smiles..would make Great CSC kids in my opinion!) and one of Uncle Matt showing the kids the photos on his camera!
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