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January 31, 2007
       We are still waiting to make a decision regarding the nine kids…they still need us, we still want them,  but circumstances have just made communication difficult to make the final plans.  I know lots of you are wondering about them!  I assure you there will be photos and an announcement here once our decision is made and the kids are here (how ever many of them that is!)
        Right now our numbers (of kids) are as low as they have been in quite some time, only 31 at each house…so I am ready to admit a bunch more kids!  We have 12 kids matched for adoption right now,  and a possibility of four more being matched coming up soon.  This will be a big year for adoptions I am sure.  Last year we had 17 adoptions in the whole year!  We have an adoptive family coming on Monday to get one of our darlings…we will have to make them sign our "No PACKER BACKER"  contract though…they are from Wisconsin.  Hmmmmm.
         Things are going well at CSC right now,  the kids have been healthy (except for minor stuff) for weeks!  We do seem to be on a "broken bone binge" though…seems we always have someone in a cast.   Marie Mea has her cast off now though, but she is still using her sling.  School is going good…the 4th and last quarter will be starting in a couple weeks, that is hard to believe.  This year has flown by.  I am enjoying the COOL weather of about 80 degrees here…and NOT looking forward to hot season starting any day now!
          Keep checking….there will be news about the NINE KIDS here someday soon!
          We are still having trouble with the internet…but I was able to add a few photos to my "All Around CSC and Cebu" photo album.
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