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it was a very good evening

February 2, 2007
      We celebrated Bernardo’s 10th birthday tonight!  Turning 10 is a big thing at CSC…when you are "TEN AND UP" you get to do lots of things that those "9 and unders" don’t get to do.  Bernardo has been walking around with a smile all day today.  It is so fun to celebrate birthdays with our kids..and we celebrate each one!  We do get a little sick of the "birthday menus" though…chicken and spaghetti for most of the birthdays gets old fast…like a few years ago to be honest.  What a blessing it is to see the kids responding to it being THEIR DAY though,  our kids have to share so much, we think it is important that they get one special day!  They get  a gift and we have ice cream and cake too. 
       We also had the VERY SPECIAL opportunity to tell two of our older kids that they now have an adoptive family tonite too.  WOW…"the telling" is something that will never get old.  I can’t even imagine what it is like being given a photo and being told "This is your new Mom and Dad",  "these are your new siblings".  We are never quite sure how the kids will respond,  they are usually pleased; but some of them are shocked,  some are speechless, some are overjoyed and some are simply confident.   Tonight we had one that was silent for a short time and then just yelled  "Thank you GOD" and started crying tears of joy…so of course I had to join.   The other was certainly in the "in shock" category. Just kind of stared at us…then at the photo of the new family…hardly any emotion shown at all.  Two very different responses but both are happy and both have  had their prayers answered tonight.   God is GOOD and he loves our kids…even more than me!  Have I said lately that I love my job?
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