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Words of Wisdom from Adelyn

February 3, 2007
      We had another birthday party tonight..Annaliza’s 14th!  She had a good day and a nice party…but my BLOG is not about her…I will include a photo though, just to be fair! 
      At the  birthday party I was sitting near Adelyn (age 9 and fairly new to CSC), she was quite talkative tonight.  All night long she was saying "excuse me Auntie Sandy…" and all night long I was saying,  "Adelyn, even though you are saying excuse me, you are still interupting".  Adelyn just had lots to say tonight.  She wanted me to know that Jesus answered her prayer that her cough would go away.  She was happy to be able to go to Sunday School tomorrow morning.  She also wanted me to know that Janice (her little sister) prayed for her own cough to go away…and God did not answer Janice’s prayer.  Janice is still in isolation with a cough.  Adelyn has figured out that God answers our prayers in different ways and different times.  Adelyn decided that she will pray for God to make Janice’s cough go away…she figures that she has a good thing going here,  God is answering her prayers.  I wonder how God is going to deal with this one?   Adelyn was also wondering about me going to Manila tomorrow.  I will be taking three kids that  are getting their Medical and Visa work done; as soon as this is done the kids adoptive parents can come and get them.  Adelyn knows this is all about getting a mom and dad.   She very seriously asked me if I was going to Manila to get a Mom and a Dad too….what a sweetie.     It is so fun for us to see these kids learn about God, and life and hope for the future.  This little girl lived in some of the worst  poverty that I have seen  just 7 months ago, she had no hope.  Now she knows that there is a God who answers her prayers and a way for her to get a 2nd chance to have a mom and a dad.  That takes a wise girl to learn so much in just 7 months.  GOD IS GOOD.
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