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THEY’RE HERE !!!!!!!!!

February 13, 2007
The nine siblings arrived  at CSC this evening!  I was pretty excited to see them again. Five of them were  car-sick from the long ride over the mountains and then the  city driving (which they are not at all used to). But,  even the sick ones smiled when they got out of the vehicle and saw the big houses with kids peering out the windows and shouting HELLO to them.  It was fun.  They arrived right about 6:00…the same time that there was a birthday party starting at each of our houses!  It was an exciting night at CSC…   I will give you the names as we know them at the moment,  some of these are nicknames and some are pronounced very different than they are spelled, but this will help you to get to know the kids a little,  JENIVE is 14,   NINO is 13,  REZAMAE is 12,   LUCHIE is 10,  CHERRADEAN is 8,  CHARITO is 6,  JUNE is 4,  BARTHALAMEE is 2 and JESILEE is 1.  Nino and Bart are the only boys!  This is quite an event at CSC,  the biggest sibling group we have admitted previously is seven.
Tonight we are working on all those lice they brought with them.  Tomorrow they will go to the doctor.  Hopefully everyone will be able to come out of isolation soon!  It makes me sad to think of their father being all alone tonight,  but his choice is to give his children a life that he knows he cannot give them as a single father…he wants them to be together.  This is a day these nine kids will remember all their lives I am sure.  I am glad that I could be here to share it with them.  
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