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February 26, 2007
        In Matt’s Blog he talked about the fact that we have had some initial contacts about adoption for the sibling group of NINE. That is a very exciting thing to think about for us..we really don’t want to split the group up!  Adoption for these kids is  still a long way off and it may not end up being either of these families who end up with the kids.  But it was encouraging to us to know that there are people who will consider such an undertaking.  Matt went on to mention that we do have other sibling groups here with us already WAITING for an adoptive family.  He talked about Janice, Junalyn and Rene.  Those three kids are great.   We have other "WAITING"  great kids ready for adoption too.
       Let me tell you about the group that has been here with us the longest now, a sibling group of five.  JEFFRIL ANN (ANGIE) and NEIL are twins (15 years old in October),  MICHAEL ANGELO (13 in May),  PAUL (8 in September) and CREZILLAH (7 in September)  have  all been at CSC since 2003.  They have seen lots of their friends leave for adoption!  They desire a family of their own.
       ANGIE is a good role model for all our girls,  she has good morals and gets along well in the home. She is the one that kept their family together before they arrived at CSC.  She is not afraid to express her thoughts and is not afraid to ask questions and  get clarification. She still likes to keep her siblings in control at times. Angie does okay academically.  She has to work hard for her accomplishments academically but she continues to progress.  Everyone wants to be like Angie.
        NEIL loves sports.  He has really grown up in the past year.  He and Angie are very close.  Neil finds school a little difficult,   but he has a good attitude and is consistently making progress in academics. He is a sweet young man.  He has a healthy respect for authority.  He is able to talk about his feelings, his past and his hopes for his future well!  He tends to be a bit of a prefectionist but has learned to relax a bit recently.
        MICHAEL ANGELO is our resident charmer.  He can charm anyone!  He does fairly well in school.  He loves sports of all kinds but tends to be a bit lax both in sports and in chores!  He has grown up much in the last few months.  He has made great progress in his respect for authority. He has grown closer to Neil and Angie recently because his maturity has allowed them to not always be on his case!
         PAUL is an affectionate little boy.  He needs firm guidance in all aspects of life but does quite well when he knows what is expected of him.  He is a kid that does not do well in the large group situation that we ARE,  he could progress much faster in the more intimate setting that an adoptive family could provide him. School is difficult for Paul but he tries hard and has a good attitude. Progress in all areas is consistent.
          CREZILLAH is a darling little girl,  she does very well in school. Crezillah is very verbal.  She spoke well when she came to us  4 years ago!  Crezillah has come a long ways in our home, overcoming some difficult behavior.  She shows jealousy of other kids at times, but  is showing a growing maturity in her peer relationships too.  She loves being the "baby" of her family!
            These five kids are a close sibling group.  They have been through much together and are proud of each others accomplishments. They are great kids and are ready and waiting for a family to claim them! 
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