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March 1, 2007
            Julieto has lived at CSC for over 7 years.  He came to us as a 9 year old who hardly spoke,  he had a very limited knowledge of or experience  with the world.  He had spent most of his time alone in the mountains with his elderly grandfather.   Julieto is now 16 years old.  He can read and has basic math skills.  He loves animals and farming!   Julieto, like all of our kids,  dreamed of, prayed for, and expected to be adopted. But it did not happen for Julieto.  When he recently turned 16 he knew that meant that he would not ever have the chance to be adopted.  He did not really want to accept that truth…he kept praying until the last  moment.  But, TIME made it obvious that adoption was not in his future and he has accepted that now.  Julieto has made the move to our TEEN HOME now.  He still attends COH SCHOOL  during the morning but in the afternoon he works with our maintanance people and has been tending his PEANUT CROP for the last few months.  TODAY was the day that he harvested!   He divided his peanuts into bunches and put them on SALE…he was sold out in minutes!  We are proud of our Julieto!  He is wondering what crop to grow next!
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