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Which story should I write about?

March 9, 2007
       Should I write about LEHECA’S birthday…how EXCITED she was to celebrate her 10th birthday – her first ever birthday celebration? 
       How about BIRNY, or ROSELYN, or WILMAR or RONILO? We celebrated their birthdays this week too.  (That is  really why I havent written a BLOG..there hasn’t been time, we have been partying all week.)
      Or I could tell you about GINO and his wonderful family from Finland who are here to adopt him. 
      Or I could talk about DENNIS, he is a 19 year old from the USA. He was adopted from CSC when he was a toddler – this is his first trip back to the Philippines and he is having some interesting experiences learning about his birth culture.
      I could tell you how exciting it was to tell ERLYN and ERWIN that they have a mom and dad waiting for them!
      I could tell a few secrets about some upcoming adoptions too…but of course I can’t do that….!
      It has been a really busy week, full of good things!  Well…then there is the fact that little June is in the hospital and darling Cherramee broke her arm……
      I guess that I will just share some photos with you tonight, and decide what to write about in the morning!
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