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Update on life at CSC…

March 11, 2007
       "THE NINE" as our newest CSC kids have come to be known are doing really well!  It has been almost a month since they came and they just get better everyday. Jeniviev is such a devoted big sister to her siblings, but she is also learning to be a teenager and to leave the care of her siblings to us. She is shy with adults.  Nino is still the most shy of the gang, but he has become quite affectionate with his greetings and hugs now, he had no trouble making friends with the other older boys in our home. Riza Mae loves to laugh,  she is a bit more independent than most of her siblings , but she, like all of them, has been cooperative in the home. Leheca is likely the most outgoing of the group.  She loves to ask questions and she loves to experience new things. She will challenge a rule here and there but is easily convinced to obey for the most part.  She has told me almost every day for the last couple of weeks that she is happy that she and her siblings are at CSC. Charydyn is shy too.  She is so happy to be in school though!  She always has a smile and is very affectionate.  Charryto loves to talk.  She has lots of opinions and she loves to ask questions.  She likes to tease and can handle being teased back.  Her big thing the last couple of days is that her new name is AUNTIE SANDY and my new name is  CHARRYTO,  she thinks that this is the funniest thing!  June has proved to be quite the little talker too!  She is in the hospital now though, she has pneumonia.  She is not happy there!  We all hope she can come home soon.  Bart is such a happy little boy!  He loves hugs!  He is picking up English fast. He is a joy!  Jashley  is walking…and her siblings are so proud of her!  Her personality is changing fast,  when she came she was shy and cried easily. Now her personality is more like her and silly!  She loves to dance! 
        We are in our last semester at School already so are starting to think about summer plans.  The kids will take some fun classes during the summer, we will plan outings and EVENTS for the kids as well as lots of time to fly those kites they love to make and all the sports too. I wonder how many broken windows we will have this summer?  Soccer balls and baseballs seem to be attracted to the windows!  I love summer because the kids are around more and we can do fun things…but the problem is that summer is HOT!  It is already getting hotter everyday. I don’t like the heat!  You will hear lots of complaints about the heat from me for the next few months…
        Adoptions are happening!  This looks like it will be our biggest year yet for adoptions. That is exciting!  Please remember to pray along with us that homes will be found for our sibling groups that have been waiting for so long!  Angie, Neil, Michael Angelo, Paul and Crezillah have been waiting a long time for a family!  Analiza, Jenvive, Bernardo, Birny, Jeffrey and Rafael have not been with us as long but they consider themselves ready for a family NOW too!
        It is exciting to hear that people are reading our BLOGS!  We are pretty popular in Finland at the moment!
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