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March 15, 2007
        It was my turn to be on duty at the Cherne Home while the House Parents were on their day off.  Wednesday obviously is a a school night so we concentrate on homework and getting the kids to bed by 8:00. We had a few tough spots in homework; when Jenalyn asked me how to make "teaf" plural I was a little confused!  When I asked her to spell it for me and found out the word was actually "thief"  I was able to help…along with a discussion about those tricky "th" words!  Arnel needed lots of encouragement to read …he did learn the word "face" though and was proud that he had added at least one more word to his short list of words that he can read without having to sound out each time.  Junalyn and Rene  were absolutely certain that rounding to the nearest hundred also meant the last number BEFORE the comma, so they ended up with numbers rounded to the nearest thousand as well as hundreds!  Overall the kids are good about doing their homework, it is fun to see them anxious to learn.  Our own school has been a huge help.
        We did have a few other things going on too. Remir and Rey Mark did their chore (folding clothes) without prompting!  That is an amazing thing!  They have had that job for months because they have such a hard time doing it and complain lots…so they keep the job  until they can do it happily!  HA. The dishes got done quickly!  Tables wiped,  floor swept, it was great!  Discussion at the supper table was quite exciting too; the biggest current event issue was that  "Uncle Patrick was actually jumping rope with the girls this afternoon"!  Actually they all thought that was quite fun and a few of the boys admitted,  "okay…so did they, and it was HARD!"
         One of the games that I like to play with the kids is a sort of math game called "Set", the kids love it.  We played that with the kids who were done with homework.  James Francis was the overall star of the game.  Rey Mark did the best for his age though….he went to bed a happy boy!  Or so I thought,  actually he had gone downstairs when I was not looking and was hiding out there so that he could go to bed with the older kids later!  He did find out that even Champion SET Players (and kids who do their chores ONCE without complaining)  still get consequences for doing something wrong!  Ah…lessons of life at CSC. 
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