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Another goodbye….

March 23, 2007
      Wow…sorry about the week that has gone by with no BLOG.  Not sure how that happened.
      Today was one of those BITTERSWEET days at CSC,  our prayers were answered and some of our kids got a family, BUT, we had to say goodbye to them!!!! Who in the world sets a goal for themselves that when reached will tear a bit of their hearts out?  We do I guess. 
       We have a little program every time one of our kids leaves us,  we gather everyone together and give a little talk about how happy we are that our kids got a family, we thank the family for being "lucky enough" to get our kids…we sing a song to them, usually "God Will Take Care of You" and then we pray for them…my job in all of this is usually to cry (and I am quite good at that job).   We did all this today, with a slight alteration,  "Friends are Friends Forever" was the song that was requested by the kids leaving today.  I know I did "my job" quite well today. Oh my…..  It is pretty obvious by the photo that I was not the only one crying today.
        BUT – because kids leave more kids can come.  So we keep saying goodbye……
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